# About this lab notebook Hi. I'm [Jess Martin](https://jessmart.in). I'm an [[Applied researcher]] investigating the future of computing. My primary work involves thinking deeply and clearly and communicating those ideas to others. This lab notebook is an effort to deepen and clarify my own thinking while publishing it a form that can be consumed by others. I follow a form of [[Evergreen Note-taking]] as described by [[Andy Matuschak]]: [[Notes represent durable knowledge objects]], deeply interlinked, with minimal narrative, focused on asserting and supporting specific claims. Broadly, my research is towards enabling [[Computers should help us think better, together]]. More specifically, I focus on three broad areas: - **Real-time collaboration**, or [[Computers should enable robust collaborative experiences]] - **Knowledge representation**, or [[Computers should represent knowledge using models and simulations]] - **Computers as mediums for thinking**, or [[Computers are a platform for tools for thinking]] ## Why publish these notes? I'm writing these notes mostly for myself, so why publish them? - Serendipity, chance encounters, [[Signal flare is a public artifact that attracts like-minded thinkers]]. - Enables better conversations with "fellow travelers" as it gives me notes to link to in our conversations and allows them to explore my thinking asynchronously. - Publishing makes me clean them up perhaps more than I would normally do for my own use, which actually improves my use of them. It's positive peer pressure. #notebook